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About Marina

Marina Lewis was born in Russia and grew up in a large city in Ukraine. Since Marina was a little girl she was an imaginative person and a big dreamer. Her interests have always included theater, the arts, and classical literature.

In Ukraine Marina received her master’s degree in Stage Directing and for 10 years, she applied her training, education, and passion as an instructor at the School of Arts. During this time she also worked in theater and television.

In 2002, Marina moved to the United States where she was determined to find a new career with an artistic lifestyle that would fit her creative personality. With directing as integral part of her creative personality, she managed to find it in the art of photography which had been her hobby for a long time, and later grew into her vocation and business.

Every photo session Marina creates includes a little theatrical performance, in which the individual posing for the picture can feel as if they are actors on the stage. At the same time Marina is capturing images, she is trying to open up the personal identity and show the inside world of her models. Every photo project that she creates represents the original needs of her clients and her own artistic vision, looks unique and special.

Marina’s photographs are artistic, emotional, and each possess their own distinctive style and breathe of life. She has been awarded twice by Kiev School of Photography for her achievements in photography and has won several awards at photographic contests and photo exhibitions in Russia and in the United States.

Marina lives in Idaho Falls with her beloved family. She does the majority of her work from her downtown studio or locations chosen by her clients. She specializes in custom individual portraits, couples, family and children portraits, senior photo projects, weddings, graduations, pets, and just anything you might wish for your memories. She shoots in either classical style or original, depending on her clients’ needs and tastes. Welcome to her studio. Welcome to her stage.