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Farris Family Photo Session. Idaho Falls Photographer.

Farris Family Photo Session. Idaho Falls Photographer.

I was so happy to take family pictures for my good friends Lisa, Ron and their sons Justin and Taylor. And here the words what Lisa wrote about this photo session:

“The portraits taken by Marina were a total surprise to the young man in the photo. Little did he know that he would be given the opportunity to pose one last time as a young man with a carefree look and lifestyle that has been such a part of his life. The young man in the portraits has grown into his name and has provided years of original acoustical and electric guitar pieces that are just as diverse as he is. You see; Taylor John Farris, the guitarist, has managed to live his life as a musician starting with violin and moving into guitar. The photographer has managed to capture his lifestyle in this portrait that many will be able to reflect back on for years to come. What started out to be a family photo session turned out to be a wonderful gift from Marina. The gift of this portrait will remind us of our son who is so unselfishly putting his God given talent on hold while he serves in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Taylor left for boot camp on December 11, 2012 with a mix of emotions and as my husband and I said good-bye to him at the airport, I couldn’t help remembering what he used to say whenever we asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He would look at us and proudly state; “I want to be a protector!” Funny how those words brought comfort to us as we watched him walk away. Taylor has left us a portrait to remind us that he will return to the guitar and all us (in that order) and Marina has captured it perfectly. Thank you very much!”

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